We spent the past 16 years with satellite internet as it was the only possible means of getting internet to our property and business. RAZZOLINK provides a true night and day difference from satellite. Our business relies on a web management program that always lagged behind our customers because of our internet; now we have the same if not faster connections and download/upload speeds of anyone with whom we work. It is magical! - Carmel Valley Tennis Camp

In 2013, The California International Airshow changed to a new ticket vendor which is a web based system.  With 10 ticket booths scattered throughout the airport field, this was a challenge.  They looked upon RAZZOLINK to solve their connectivity issue by installing an access point at the Salinas Airport which fed the internet signal to each ticket booth location, thus providing the internet service they needed.  RAZZOLINK was gracious enough to provide all labor and service at no cost for this very important community event. They also monitored our network with an onsite technician for the 3 days of the show. Everything worked great with no problems. They have continued to support our Airshow since that time.  Thank you RAZZOLINK for providing us with your service for our events. - Steven Naslund – Past President, California International Airshow

Our business requires fast, reliable internet and Razzolink delivers.  We can count on them to provide great service without interruption, and quality support when we need it.  Their technology is state of the art and I appreciate their commitment to their customers.  Thank you Razzolink! - John B. - Boekenoogen Winery

RAZZOLINK provides timely and excellent service at competitive prices, connectivity to the internet with the flexibility to meet our needs. The staff is always friendly, ready to help and provide a "REAL" 24 hour help center. - allUS Credit Union

My wife and I live in a remote area in Monterey County where high speed internet options are simply not readily available.  Razzolink for some time now, has afforded us the opportunity to have a high speed connection for our daily internet needs.  Thank you Razzolink for your continued efforts to provide for and support the internet service we need. - Leonard Gentry

Razzolink provides a 6Mbps synchronous (up and down) customized circuit in rural Carmel Valley for my virtual, geo-distributed software development organization.  With <9ms latency to my cloud environments and >99% historical uptime, I've got an enterprise-class connection that rivals the best urban wire-speed options available today.  Their backbone is strong, their customer service is great, and they're local! - Daniel Duerr, CTO @ http://goboomtown.com and Founder @ http://gizmocreative.com

We had the best service from everyone at RAZZOLINK. We live way out of town on 17 acres. It is not easy to get internet out here. Especially FAST internet. We are very pleased with the quality of service we have received!!! Thank you to everyone. - Lisa

We have been associated with RAZZOLINK for over ten year and have been very pleased with the reliability of the wireless connection. When there have been occasional  problems, the response has been quick. The service people are knowledgeable and go out of the way to be helpful. I recommend RAZZOLINK as a great wireless internet provider! - Susan S. - Prunedale

In discussing the Email I received last Saturday from RAZZOLINK, customer service representatives showed high professionalism and full  understanding of the issue discussed and for properly escalating my issue. Special Thanks to Barbara, for her kindness in resolving the issue completely and for providing me with means to manage the bandwidth allocated to my service with RAZZOLINK. - Kahl H. - Prunedale