Private Searching–Privacy and Search Engines


Internet Searches and Your Privacy Worried about internet security and using Google?  You might want to re-think your default search engine.  Google is top-notch at finding what you need online, but it also comes with a major flaw;  It traces your browsing history. Google also saves your search history, scans your Gmail, tracks your location, keeps everything you say to “OK Google,” and a lot more. If you are using Google, Google probably knows a lot more about your digital habits than you do.  Google uses this data for advertising purposes. But for those that prefer to keep their online habits private, Google’s practice can be unsettling. Thankfully, Google isn’t the only game in town.  There are great options if you are looking to search with privacy.  Here are three examples:

Visually, DuckDuckGo has a Google feel, and familiarity goes a long way when trying something new.  DuckDuckGo has evolved into a solid Google replacement. It doesn’t track user data or target your IP address or search history. The search engine deployed by DuckDuckGo uses algorithms and calculations you’ve come to expect on Google providing a similarly useful search result. You can also make DuckDuckGo an extension of your browser and activate more privacy settings to keep your search history as protected as possible.  
Yippy offers you total privacy in your Internet search.  In addition to security and privacy, it also automatically detects and blocks adult content, including pornography, gambling sites, sex product sites and other websites that are not appropriate for kids. On the security front Yippy  does not collect personally identifiable information about you, like your name, telephone number, address and email address.  
Ixquick is the newest addition to the private search engines space. Ixquick focuses on giving you very discreet search results. In fact, it calls itself the world’s most private search site. It doesn’t record your IP address, browser information or search history, so advertisers can’t track you. It also gives you the privacy of searching via proxy, so the sites you visit don’t even know your real IP address. Ixquick has relatively good user interface and it’s proxy option gives you the most online privacy.   Have more questions about online security?  We are here for you 24/7 with tech support.  Razzolink provides fast, affordable internet service to the greater Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara counties.  With service packages to serve every need, Razzolink is here to serve your internet needs 831-789-8149.