Is it time to cut the cord on your cable TV?


A media revolution is afoot--people all over the country are ditching traditional cable or satellite service in favor of streaming devices and services. Getting rid of the cable bill sounds great, but what are the other benefits? Streaming allows you to transition from a bloated cable package, that for most can be serious overkill that sees little use, to custom-curated entertainment perfection.

There are different devices and services that will make this transition easier. Streaming devices such as the Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are media players that connect your television or home theater to the Internet and allow you to stream video and music from online services. Once you've decided on a device, it's time to pick a service (or two) to begin streaming. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu offer not only movies for download, but also tv shows. For those wanting to retain the continuity of live, network tv Hulu offers current seasons of popular shows.

Also available is Web TV--Dish Network introduces Sling TV in January 2015. For an entry price of just $20 per month, users can access a basic package of over 20 live channels including coveted networks such as ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network and HGTV. All of the channels run with the same schedule and commercial breaks as cable, but the service is accessed from your streaming device or computer.

As with any change in technology, cutting the cord can take some adjustment, but with research and preparation the transition can be seamless and cost effective.

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