How to Evaluate Your Broadband Requirements


How to Evaluate Your Broadband Requirements Your monthly Razzolink subscription is for a given amount of bandwidth, but it’s up to you to manage how that bandwidth is utilized and consumed on a monthly basis. Simply letting all the devices on your network battle for broadband is a surefire way to diminish your speeds. With the addition of Smart Home devices such as Amazon Echo, locks and home security, automated home lighting kits, etc. there are often broadband consuming processes happening in the background that you might not even be aware of.  But why does the average user need to evaluate broadband requirements? Some problems that can occur are poor video streaming, choppy VoIP calls or debilitating lag. Blowing through your data and surpassing the cap can be expensive. But there are ways to make sure that your speeds are optimized by identifying the bandwidth hogs on your network so you can manage their consumption and setting your router for optimized performance. Keep in mind, the bandwidth you pay for on a monthly basis is not a per-device ceiling—it’s the total bandwidth available for your internet connection, so it’s shared among all the devices on your network. If you have a plan that has download speeds of  up to 3 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps, and you have 2 devices connected to the internet, you could say each device might see a maximum download speed of up to 1.5 Mbps or 1/2 of your  allotted download speed. The way your internet bandwidth is distributed depends on your router and the demand from each device. With a simple router with factory default settings, it’s every device for itself in the scramble for more bandwidth. Applications that are sensitive to lag—such as media streamers, VoIP phones and online games—can lose out in this scenario because applications that aren’t sensitive to lag—web browsers and email clients, for example, are treated the same by your connection. As systems, devices and applications are added to a home network, broadband needs increase, and many customers find that service packages that were once sufficient are now lacking.  Razzolink works tirelessly to offer competitive, top-notch technology to our customers.  Our service packages are always evolving to meet our customers needs.  If it's time for a service upgrade, give us a call!  We are here for you with 24/7 Technical Support and personalized Customer Care. (831) 789-8149