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As Internet service has become a more integral part of everyday life, Razzolink has seen an exponential annual data usage increases. As a result, Razzolink has been faced with periodic and/or regular network upgrades to continue to enhance its network and services to its valued customers.

In an effort to provide for a fair and balanced service to each and every Razzolink customer, Razzolink has implemented data allowances (caps). Razzolink’s intention is to ensure that it can continue to provide a sustainable network and service to each and every one of its valued customers.

What do you mean by data usage?

Usage includes all the data that you receive (download) or send (upload). If you access the Internet through your home Wi-Fi network using any device (including smartphones), that will be included in your data usage.

This includes software update requests, email notifications, and resend requests. Individual usage results may vary based on the applications you use and the content you access. For example, if your emails have large attachments, the usage for that application may exceed what we have estimated in the data calculator.  See the online Data Calculator and instructional videos for further information.

Why does Razzolink have a data usage allowance for their Internet customers?

This program is designed to help keep Internet service affordable for our broad base of customers given the rapidly increasing volume of data-rich Internet traffic.

What are the new data allowances?

The Internet allowances include the following:

  • 250 gigabytes (GB) per month for all Residential Service Packages (Velocity and Velocity Plus)
  • 500 gigabytes (GB) per month for all Business X-Stream Service Package
  • 800 gigabytes (GB) per month for all Business X-Stream Plus Service Package
  • 1 Terabyte (TB) per month for all Business X-Stream Max Service Package 
What is a gigabyte?

A gigabyte measures the amount of data you send and receive over the network – not the amount of time spent connecting to the Internet. Approximately 50,000 single-page emails without attachments, for example, would equal about 1GB. Watching an 80-minute movie in standard definition or about 20 minutes of a TV show or movie in high definition each equals about 1GB.

Will spending a lot of time on the Internet make me exceed my allowance?

The types of activities performed matter more than the time spent online. For example, so-called data-rich activities, such as streaming video, may use more data than sending emails.

How would you describe what 250GB is in terms of what a typical customer would use?

Actually, 250GB is far more data than a vast majority of customers use in a month. An average Razzolink High Speed Internet customer uses just under 90GB of data per month.

I don’t know my current Internet speed … how can I find out?

Your Internet speed can be found by logging into your customer portal page from either your computer or mobile device.

From either your computer or mobile device:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Customer End User Portal (EUP) Page on the center top tab of the Razzolink home page
  3. Log in with your Username and password.
  4. Select the most recent Current Billing (click on its respective pdf icon).  Your Internet plan and speed are displayed on your billing statement.
  5. You can also manage your account with matters such as your name, address, payment method, current bandwidth usage, etc.
Help me understand more about what I can do within my allowance each month.

First, find your data allowance in the table below, then read down the column for details about how that number translates into monthly activities.

Usage comparisons for all data allowances/Internet speed plans:

Activity 250GB 500GB 800GB 1TB
TV & Movies

(SD = standard definition,

HD = high definition)

Watch 125 hours of live SD TV plus stream 150 SD or 43 HD movies per month Watch 250 hours of live SD TV plus stream 300 SD or 85 HD movies per month Watch 400 hours of live SD TV plus stream 480 SD or 136 HD movies per month Watch 400 hours of live SD TV plus stream 720 SD or 200 HD movies per month
Other data use: With any of these data amounts, you do ALL of the following:

  • Browse 10,000 web pages
  • Send/receive over 10,000 emails
  • Download/upload over 1,000 medium-sized photos on a social media site like Facebook
  • Download over 1,000 MP3 songs
  • Watch over 1,000 standard quality YouTube videos


If I use Wi-Fi, does that count as usage?

If you access your residential Internet over your Wi-Fi home network using any type of device (including smartphones and some home automation equipment), that counts as Razzolink Internet data usage. If you, however, access the Internet via a public or commercial Wi-Fi hotspot, that access does not count as usage.

Can anyone who doesn’t live in my home affect my bandwidth usage?

That depends. If you use a router and have not secured it, someone nearby with a computer or Wi-Fi enabled device could access your home network, use your high-speed Internet, and increase your usage. Common encryption protocols, such as Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) or Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), can provide additional security. You should contact your router manufacturer for more information specific to activating your router encryption. You can also check your router manufacturer’s support website for help in securing their Wi-Fi gateway.

How do I measure the amount of data I’m using?

You have available to you a daily and historical record of your data usage by logging onto your EUP. Select the Network tab on the top of the page, then select the Usage Details option. You will be navigated to your Data Usage Page that provides both current and historical usage information for your review.

Is there anything else I need to know before looking over my personal usage on my End User Portal (EUP) page?

A login and password are needed to access your information. This protects your confidential customer information. Your EUP login is your Razzolink account number and is noted at the bottom of each emailed Razzolink monthly statement. Your EUP password was assigned to you and is also noted at the bottom of each Razzolink monthly statement you receive.

How often does Razzolink update usage data?

Usage data is pulled from the network every 24 hours for most customers and is updated to your account on a nightly basis.

If I decide that I want to start routinely checking on my usage, is anything available to make it simple?

Yes, simply log onto your EUP via the Razzolink Home page, select the Network Tab on the top margin of your EUP, and then select Usage Details in the drop-down menu. Your current and historical usage information will be provided to you. You have the ability to run a Usage Report for any time period you select.

What if I want to estimate my usage in the future? Is that possible?

Yes, your current monthly usage rate is posted on your Data Usage Page. Select the Network Tab on the top of your EUP. Then select Usage Details in the drop down menu. You will be provided a complete detailed listing of your current and historical usage information. You can then average your daily usage by dividing the total usage by the days listed.

How do I know if I went over, or if I’m about to go over?

If a customer does not receive a notice from Razzolink, it means the customer will not incur additional charges for exceeding the monthly data allowance.

To help advise our customers of their usage, we provide a total of seven notices before additional charges will affect the bill.  Email notifications are sent at 75%, 95% and daily overages in excess of 100% usage during the month.

Regarding the email notifications about usage, where will they be sent?

You’ll receive email notices about your high-speed Internet usage at the primary email address that you set up when you registered for service. Please make sure that you have provided us with your current email account.

Is there a way to check what I have as my primary email address? What if I need to change it?

Should you either want to verify and/or check your primary email address for your Razzolink service, you can login to your EUP, select the Account Tab, then select the Personal Information tab. You will be directed to your personal billing information that does list your account’s respective email address, which you can change, should the need arise.