8 Steps to Set Restrictions on Your Router


Using your router to set limitations on your network is a great way to boost overall security.  Restricting how and when connected devices are allowed to access the internet assures that your network isn't being taxed when you're not using it.  These types of restrictions include only allowing certain devices to access the router's network or setting time or day limitations as to when the internet is accessible.  Here are 8 easy steps to configure your router with access limitations:

Step 1:

Launch a web browser on your computer and type the router's IP address into the address bar.  Consult the router's instruction manual for details on its default IP address.  This is typically ""

Step 2:

Enter the administrator username and password to access the router's control panel.

Step 3:

Click the "Access Restrictions" link in the router's control panel menu.

Step 4:

Check the "Enable" box to activate access restrictions settings.

Step 5:

Enter the Media Access Controller address of each computer or device that is authorized to access the router's network.  Consult the "Attached Devices" section in the router's control panel to find the MAC address of computers and devices that have previously been connected to the router.

Step 6:

Click the "Apply" button to save the restriction settings depending on your make and model of router.  The device may reboot before reloading the control panel.

Step 7:

Click the "Schedule" button in the control panel menu and check the boxes next to the days you want restrictions to be active.  Enter restriction start and end times for each day you wish to impose restrictions.

Step 8:

Click the "Apply" button again to save the restriction schedule settings.
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